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King's College London Mathematics School (KCLMS) students have attained outstanding A Level results in August 2023.

69% of grades were A*s and 91% were A or better. An impressive 50% of students attained straight A*s. On average, students over three-quarters of a grade per entry better than was predicted by their GCSE results. 

33% of students have secured places at Oxford or Cambridge university. The most popular destinations this year were, in order, Oxford, Warwick, Cambridge, Durham, Bath, Imperial and LSE.

Despite the reduction in national grade profiles to 2019 levels, over 90% of students secured one of their preferred UCAS offers, and all students have now secured a strong university place or competitive industry placement. This cohort's attainment improved on the Class of 2019's attainment, seeing a notable increase in the proportion of A*s awarded.

A special mention goes to Sofiia, the first student enrolled on our Sanctuary for Ukraine programme to graduate, who arrived in the UK just 1 year ago and has achieved three A* grades. She is now heading to the University of Warwick to study Mathematics.

Subject by subject outcomes can be seen below:

  A* A*-A A*-B
Mathematics 85% 97% 100%
Further Mathematics


87% 95%
Physics 61% 91% 97%
All subjects 69% 91% 97%

In their second year, some KCLMS students opt to take their research further and complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is equivalent to half an A-level in scope and in UCAS weighting. 16 students completed an EPQ, with 7 A*s, 6 As and 3 Bs awarded. 

A number of students also sat the Cambridge STEP examinations, including six (Isabella, Amir, Daiki, Lizzie, Nico and Thomas) who have secured places on Cambridge's Mathematics course on the basis of their STEP performance.

AS results from year 12 were also very strong, with 84% at grade A overall.

Class of 2023 - well done!

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