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A-level results 2016

King’s College London Mathematics School opened in September 2014 and our first cohort completed their A-levels this summer. We are delighted to share with you news of our first ever A-level results, and we hope you agree that our students have achieved incredibly highly, and that they deserve the greatest of praise.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • An A-level average point score per entry of 272.9. This places King’s Maths School as the top performing state school in the country1.
  • 94.5% of entries are A*/A/B. This places King’s Maths School in the top three state schools in the country2.
  • 100% of students attained A*/A in A-level Mathematics, with 83% awarded an A*

The results in each and every subject have been outstanding, and here summary data is presented (with the national average figures given in brackets for comparison):


Proportion attaining





100% (65%)

100% (43%)

Further Maths

100% (78%)

77% (58%)


82% (54%)

57% (32%)


93% (37%)

57% (16%)

 The AS results are just as fantastic, with 92% of all grades at A/B, and an incredible 40 students (63% of the year group) gaining at least three A grades. This year group had the opportunity to study Economics and attained well in this subject, helping the second cohort’s AS results to represent an improvement on our AS results from a year ago.

Students have also significantly outperformed expectations based on prior GCSE performance: in both year groups, they have attained on average half a grade higher in each subject than their GCSE grades predict.

King’s Maths School was set up to increase the number of well-trained mathematicians going on to study and work in subjects and careers involving a high degree of mathematics. We’ll be able to confirm our progression data shortly, but we know already that it will be up there with the very best state schools, indeed, the very best schools, in the country. We may be small, but there are only five schools in the country who have more students studying Further Mathematics than us – so when it comes to mathematical futures, we really are making a significant difference.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our students, their parents and carers, their wonderful teachers and everyone at King’s College London and elsewhere who have supported our development over the last few years. We think that these results show just how good an idea it is to have a school dedicated to mathematically inclined students.

Class of 2016: well done!

Data from 2015 entries was taken directly from the website:

Comparing data from 2015 entries as published by the Telegraph: