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King's Maths School will interview around 150 candidates based on their pre-interview score, which is a combination of the mathematics aptitude test score and a widening participation score.

The interview will involve two components:

  • A mathematics interview, in which we will teach you some new mathematics. The purpose of this interview is to determine how effective a mathematical learner you are. Are you able to, with our help, understand a new idea? Are you able to apply this idea independently and flexibly? How well do you listen and respond to our prompts?
  • A personal interview, in which we will ask about your reason for applying to King’s Maths School and will ask questions to find out more about you. What are your interests? What are your aspirations?

Dates, location

The interviews will take place at King's Maths School on Friday 19 January and Saturday 20 January, 2024.

We will inform candidates if they have been successful in progressing to interviews in late December 2023. We will confirm your date (you will only need to visit the school once, on either the Friday or the Saturday) and the precise times of your interviews at least one week in advance of the interview.

Contact us

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:30

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