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Admissions Test

Test date, time and location

The admissions test for September 2021 entry will take place on Friday 4 December 2020. It will last for two hours. The test location will be at Old Billingsgate, a very large hall in central London.

25 Nov update:

  • The will go ahead with the test in a safe, Covid-19 secure way with full 2 metre social distancing in place at all times.
  • There will be sittings 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00.
  • Candidates who are unwell or who are required to self-isolate will be able to inform us of their circumstances. These candidates will be invited to a later sitting of the test, on Friday 18 December, at King's Maths School.
  • We understand that mock exams are taking place during December. Candidates must still sit our admissions test on Friday 4 December and we ask that you discuss this matter with your school. We will be emailing the teacher named as your referee to formally request your absence on that day.

What is in the test and how can I prepare for it?

The required knowledge for the test is the Key Stage 3 national curriculum for mathematics.

The questions will contain both routine and less familiar problems, examples of which are contained in the file below.

We recommend that you try these questions before reviewing the solutions, which can be found in the file below. If at first attempt you can't do the questions, leave them for a while and come back to them: you will learn more from trying for a while before looking at the solutions.

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