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Admissions Test

Test date, time and location

The admissions test for September 2025 entry will take place on Saturday 7th December 2024 at the ExCel centre in London. It is a non-calculator assessment. The duration of the test is 90 minutes, not including any extra time or other access arrangements.

What is in the test and how can I prepare for it?

The required knowledge for the test is the Key Stage 3 national curriculum for mathematics.

The questions will contain both routine and less familiar problems, examples of which are contained in the file below. 

We recommend that you try these questions before reviewing the solutions, which can be found in the file below. If at first attempt you can't do the questions, leave them for a while and come back to them: you will learn more from trying for a while before looking at the solutions.

Anything else?

Yes! We have created four short films, each introducing you to a different student at King's Maths School who shares advice and guidance about preparing for the test and explains a different solution to one of the specimen questions.

Q tackles specimen question 4

Meet Q, one of our former students, who loves sharing his mathematical ideas. In this video, he discusses his experience of the admissions test and shows you how to solve specimen question 4.

Lola tackles specimen question 10

In this video, Lola shares her thinking on question 10. This one is about primes and logic, and also encourages you to use good diagrams to aid your thinking.

Andrei tackles specimen question 8

Andrei shows you how to tackle question 8. This one is all about numbers: can you spot the pattern? Can you capture it well enough to use it?

Defne tackles specimen question 7

Defne's solution to question 7 uses more advanced mathematics than you'll need for this exam. You can also solve question 7 by making sensible guesses for which numbers will work, but here's a cool algebraic solution to inspire you!