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Challenge 285 : Who, what, where?

Six teachers at a certain school come from six different parts of London served by underground stations on the Northern line: Morden, Lambeth, Tooting Bec, Kennington, Borough and Oval.

We have the following information.

(a) Ms Alonso and the teacher from Morden both teach Physics.

(b) Ms Edwards and the teacher from Lambeth both teach Mathematics.

(c) The teacher from Tooting Bec and Mr Chakraborty both teach Computer Science.

(d) The teacher from Oval is older than Mr Chakraborty.

(e) Mr Burton and the teacher from Morden are the two teachers on duty during Monday lunchtime.

(f) Mr Chakraborty and the teacher from Borough are the two teachers on duty during Tuesday lunchtime.

(g) Mr Burton and Mr Fratelli both drink lots of coffee but coffee makes the teacher from Tooting Bec ill.

What subjects do Mr Burton and Ms Dodgson teach and what station does each of them travel from?

Explain your reasoning carefully!

[You should assume that each teacher teaches only one subject]

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