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Maths to Watch

Maths To Watch:


Every number has a story, and Numberphile tells each tale with simple language and cute animations. Each episode has an expert in the field share a number, pattern, puzzle or shape from mathematics that they love and try to convince you to too! This is a favourite amongst students in our school because of the vast range of different topics it covers in a cool way. The series Tadashi's Toys is a great place to start!

Vi Hart

A classic maths YouTuber with a passion for pi, a devotion to doodling and a mind for music, Vi Hart shows how her different interests all intersect through mathematics and talks about her own experiences in becoming a mathematician.


"A massive range of informative, fun videos spanning entry-level topics to really high level concepts that are explained in a really accessible way! The visual nature of the videos helps to explain things in a new way that is less common in a classroom and makes learning fun and stretching, while not feeling overwhelming." - Sam Smith, Year 12 KCLMS Student

Up and Atom

A great edutainment channel on maths, physics and computer science breaking down all the really simple questions with really complex answers: Is the universe really infinite? Which way does time flow? How many numbers are there really? Hear more about these questions and more from Up and Atom!


Join VSauce Michael as he plays with his favourite toys, doohickeys and doodads in the most beautifully nerdy way possibly: by breaking down the mathematics of each one aftewards. In lovely talks he practically demonstrates maths showing up in unexpected places, perhaps better than anywhere else, all with his incredible explanations and jokes.


A lovely little channel filled with fractal fabulousness. For relaxing recreational maths along with beautiful fractal art, mindful meditation and ASMR videos, this is the best place!

Use your time wisely! You have to be in maths lessons, and even if you aren't learning anything in the lesson, you can use this time productively and mathematically! Speak to your maths teacher and ask if they can organise giving you some extension work to complete in class instead of doing the classwork and not making progress. Don't worry about trying to learn A level maths, instead try and broaden your interest in GCSE content so you can save all of the fun for next year.
- Isabella, Y12 KCLMS Student

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