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Maths to Listen to

Maths To Listen To:

More or Less

Amid everyday chaos, there’s something anchoring about turning to the numbers. Episodes explore the five-second rule when dropping food, falling fertility rates, the placebo effect and some less-than-entirely-factual claims from politicians, so come here if you want to hear the numbers behind the news.

More or Less: Behind the Statistics logo

Math Mutation

Listen to this for bite-sized doses of maths you won't have heard about in school, covering the fun, interesting and just plain weird parts of maths!

Math mutation image, showing an infant reading a blue book

Numberphile Podcast

"Listen to the journeys of different mathematicians and other people working in maths to hear about what they do and why" - Isabella Topley, Year 12 KCLMS Student

Read widely online and physically about specific topics if that interests you. If not, enjoy Sci-Fi or any media that takes STEM stuff and makes it cool to excite you about the subject more and inspire you to look further into it.
- Sam Smith, Y12 KCLMS Student

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