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King's Maths School allows and enables the children to be clever, for it to be cool to be clever and for this to be the accepted norm.
King's Maths School parent

Getting involved

At KCLMS we are very grateful to the parents and carers for the role they play in the support of the school and the students.

There are opportunities to get involved with KCLMS, outlined below.

The school provides a challenging and engaging learning environment, because subjects are taught by knowledgeable teachers that are passionate about their teaching.
I have never seen my child eager to get going to school and return smiling stating how enjoyable their day has been. Keep it up, it’s great.

Friends of KCLMS

The Friends of KCLMS is a newly registered charity (1167583) with the objective of advancing the education of the school's students, by funding programs and equipment which are not normally provided, and by developing relationships between the staff, parents and alumni. To date, the Friends have raised funds at the Parents and Carers event, and sponsored a Celebration of the King's Maths School Pioneers on 11 July for the parents and carers of the graduating class.

If you are interested in contributing to the Friends, or if you have an idea for the school which you would like the Friends to sponsor, please contact Page Starr at

King's Maths School offers a more comprehensive learning experience than other colleges.

Governors of the Academy Trust

The Board of Governors has a position for a parent or carer to be elected from each cohort to represent the voice of the parents for that year group. The current Parent Governor for Year 13 is Carol Southgate. The representative for year 12 is yet to be elected. The school currently has two additional parent governors, Clare Delmar and Debbie Heffernan, who are parents of alumni.

KCLMS stretches and challenges young people with an interest in maths, in a friendly, supportive environment.
KCLMS teaches the whole child. My son is developing as a complete person, not just as a mathematician.

In our 2019 parent/carer survey:

  • 98% of our parents/carers agree that their child receives outstanding teaching
  • 98% of our parents/carers agree that their child enjoys attending King's Maths School
  • 97% of our parents/carers agree that teachers know their child well
  • 96% of our parents/carers agree that staff provide their child with outstanding care, guidance and support.

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