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KCLMS Welcomes New Teachers

King’s College London Maths School (KCLMS) welcomed two new members of staff in January, a Mathematics Mentor and a Physics Graduate Teacher, both of whom will support the school in being a centre of excellence for the teaching of mathematics and its applications.

Mathematics Mentor Anne-Elmire Alary will focus on year 12 problem solving and other extension and challenge sessions. In addition, she will have a dual role as Physics Technician, working closely with the physics department. Physics Graduate Teacher Sergi Sirera Lahoz will focus on whole class teaching of Physics to year 12 students.

Head Teacher Dan Abramson said: “KCLMS is an incredibly exciting place of learning and we are privileged to have so many dynamic and inspirational teachers. Our community becomes more vibrant with each new member of staff and we are thrilled to have Ms Alary and Mr Sirera Lahoz join us. They are an asset to our outstanding school.”

Ms Alary completed an undergraduate Mathematics degree at King’s College London and a Masters degree in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics at Oxford. Mr Sirera Lahoz completed a BSc at King’s College London in Physics and Philosophy before completing an MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces at Imperial College London. He previously worked as a Teaching Assistant at Parliament Hill School.

Ms Alary will be responsible for teaching students to be confident in mathematical thinking and problem solving through the school’s curriculum of extension and challenge sessions. She will also support KCLMS’ outreach activities.

Mr Sirera Lahoz will be responsible for preparing and teaching physics lessons, ensuring students’ academic progress, promoting the subject more widely, and encouraging the further study of physics and engineering in higher education.

Physics is a central aspect of KCLMS’ core curriculum. Not only does every student study this subject, but they also take Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-levels. The subject is thriving at the school: A Level results in August 2020 were 93% A*/A grades with value added at +0.68 grades per entry.

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