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We believe that our students’ wellbeing is key to their academic and wider success. Excellent pastoral care, guidance and support are integral to our school's culture. We aim to ensure that students enjoy coming to school, love the challenge of learning and participate fully in school life.

Pastoral care and the wellbeing of all is infused in everything we do. Students are divided into houses and tutor groups, with each student having a tutor who meets with them fortnightly on an individual basis to act as a mentor and guide.

Through these regular meetings, tutors get to know their tutees very well and support them through the many stages of their time at King’s Maths School, from the induction process to the final leaving celebrations.

We put a great emphasis on positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. Students are encouraged to talk to whoever they feel most comfortable with - whether that be their tutor or another member of staff.

We also have a confidential in-school counselling service, and a proactive package of mental health and wellbeing awareness, information and support. These are delivered through Personal Development lessons, our assembly and tutorial programme, special events and talks.

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