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King's College London Mathematics School is operating on-site for all students from Thursday 3 September, 2020.

The school has adjusted its operation to ensure risks pertaining to COVID-19 are controlled.

The key features of our adjusted provision are:

  • Year 12 and Year 13 will operate as distinct "bubbles", with physical interactions between the bubbles minimised.
  • Within each year group, the core curriculum (maths, physics, computer science and economics) will be delivered in consistent classes, which will effectively operate as sub-bubbles.
  • Students will stay in a consistent classroom wherever possible, moving e.g. when they need to be taught in a specific location (in particular, a physics laboratory); teachers will move between different learning groups.
  • Lessons will begin each day at 09:30 and be finished by 16:10.
  • A staggered start and end to the day has been introduced wherever the timetable permits this.
  • Additional cleaning has been arranged for the middle of the school day, focusing on areas used by more than one learning group, toilets, door handles and communal areas.
  • New classroom protocols to ensure effective teaching can take place with teachers maintaining 2m social distance from students are being developed.
  • New protocols are in place to manage students who need to self-isolate.
  • New systems are in place to enable safe movement around the school, including staggered lunches, one-way systems and increased staff duties.
  • The curriculum has been adjusted where appropriate, for example visiting speakers will for now give talks remotely and no central sport/exercise provision will be organised by the school.

The COVID19 Full Opening Risk Assessment can be viewed below:

We are still able to offer a full, broad and balanced curriculum to all of our students. The curriculum offering can be viewed below:

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