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We like to create the best opportunities for students to work together with the aim of having collaborative and interactive spaces wherever possible. This aim is even imbued in the design of our building, where pods and inviting walls lined with whiteboards encourage collaboration and teamwork.

Students use whiteboards to solve problems as well as share and discuss ideas. The whiteboards also help create an atmosphere buzzing with engaged learning, independent thinking, and wide-ranging academic interest.

The IT tools and software we deploy in school also elicit collaborative action. Our classroom IT management system enables students and teachers to collaborate on the same document or presentation, whether in the same physical space or not.

In every lesson, students work together to help each other’s understanding of a particular activity, either by tackling problems in ‘group’ formation, or at whiteboards in ‘ring’ formation. Moreover, through programmes such as the King’s Certificate and national competitions, such as the Sherriff’s Challenge and the Math’s Bomb, students continue to collaborate.

In addition, KCLMS also runs Mathsaganza every year - a fun and collaborative problem-solving game, in which students work together in their vertical tutor groups. Students continuously challenge and develop each other, with a healthy and friendly dose of competition amongst everyone. In short, the community at KCLMS is very close, and this is largely due to the high levels of collaboration that permeate our school.

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