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KCLMS Sanctuary for Ukraine Admissions Pathway: September 2022 entry

King’s College London Mathematics School (KCLMS) recognises the unique and challenging situation relating to Ukrainian citizens displaced by the current conflict in Ukraine.

KCLMS offers a unique environment for students aged 16-19 with an enthusiasm and aptitude for mathematics. We provide an academically stimulating, welcoming and safe community in which young mathematicians thrive.

KCLMS admissions are highly competitive, and we are full for enrolment in September 2022. Nevertheless, with the encouragement of the Department for Education, we wish to increase our planned admissions number by up to four students and permit students from Ukraine who are seeking sanctuary in the UK to make an application to the school through a special route. This increase will have no impact on any students who have already applied to the school.

The application route will involve:

  • A mathematical aptitude assessment via sitting the mathematics admissions test and an interview
  • An English language assessment at interview
  • An assessment of the applicant’s residential and parental situation.

The application route is open to Ukrainian citizens who left (or are planning to leave) Ukraine following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

KCLMS is working in partnership with the specialist maths schools in Exeter (EMS), Liverpool (ULMaS) and Lancaster (LUSoM) to enable placement of students in this position. Candidates are advised to apply to all four schools separately, but will be made aware at the point of application that the schools will work together to place students who meet our admissions criteria.

Applications will be accepted for September 2022 entry into year 12 only. The mathematical aptitude assessments will assess candidates against the same criteria as used for our standard application route. We will consider for a Sanctuary Offer candidates who:

  • meet the required weighted admissions score for entry, meaning that they are at least as strong as those already holding offers at KCLMS;
  • demonstrate sufficient mastery of English language (listening, speaking, reading, writing) to be able to access life and learning at KCLMS independently.

Any Sanctuary Offers made by KCLMS will be conditional on the student:

  • being in England for the start of the 2022-23 academic year;
  • having residential arrangements and a parent/carer resident with them, at a location from which daily travel to and from KCLMS is possible.

If more than four candidates meet the above criteria, we will prioritise offers to those with higher admissions scores and/or more advanced plans for moving to England and completing residential arrangements. We will also maintain a waiting list of places in case any of those holding Sanctuary Offers are not able to take them up. Furthermore, we will work with EMS, ULMaS and LUSoM to ensure that as many candidates meeting the above criteria as possible have offers to study at one of the schools.

Applying to King's Maths School

To make a Sanctuary for Ukraine Application for King's Maths School (September 2022 entry), please complete this application form.

Key dates

Candidates who apply on or before Sunday 17 July will be assessed in the week commencing Monday 18 July. We will make offers to those candidates in this early pool who meet the admissions criteria.

If there are still places available following this date, we will accept applications made on or before Thursday 25 August, but such applications will not be processed until mid-August at the earliest.

Applying to other maths schools

Students interested in applying to Exeter Mathematics School should contact the school to ask about a late application pathway.

Students interested in applying to Lancaster University School of Mathematics can apply through their normal route.

Students interested in applying to the University of Liverpool Maths School can apply through their normal route.

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