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Further Mathematics Professional Development

In the six sessions of this CPD programme we will look in depth at some of the key topics and concepts in the Further Maths Core Pure syllabus. Connections between topics will be brought out, and concepts will be looked at from different perspectives. Opportunities to use freely-available ICT will be included.

This programme will be especially useful for you if you are new to teaching this material, or will be doing so next school year, and you would like to consolidate, develop and extend your subject knowledge. Experienced teachers will enjoy looking at familiar topics in a new light.

Each session is offered twice on the stated date: from 10:00 to 12:00, and also from 16:30 to 18:30. You can participate in one, some or all of the training sessions. Please click here to register your interest, and then we will send you the ‘joining’ information for each session:

  • Complex Numbers 1
  • Complex Numbers 2
  • Matrices and Transformations 1
  • Vectors
  • Matrices and Transformations 2
  • Algebra & Proof

The training will be led by Robert Wilne. Robert is a highly experienced sixth-form teacher and PD leader, and he leads the King’s Maths School’s GCSE+ enrichment programmes.

Please note that the training will assume a working familiarity with this material: key terms and definitions, and standard procedures.

  • Complex Numbers 1
    • Arithmetic of complex numbers
    • Geometric representation of complex numbers: the Argand diagram
  • Complex Numbers 2
    • Exponential representation of complex numbers
    • Applications of complex numbers: summation of series, functions of complex numbers
  • Matrices 1
    • Transformations in the 2D plane: properties and matrix representations
  • Vectors
    • Geometry with vectors: lines and planes
    • Arithmetic of vectors: sums and products
  • Matrices 2
    • Arithmetic of matrices: inverses and eigenvalues
    • Applications of matrices: modelling dynamic systems
  • Algebra & Proof
    • Symmetric functions and roots of polynomials
    • Proof by Induction: sums, powers and sums of powers

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