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A level Physics CPD for Teachers

A series of free, online CPD sessions from King’s Maths School for teachers of Physics A level.

Each week Nora Kettleborough covers a different A-level topic and address the following outcomes:

  • Asking the explorative questions: getting students to lead their own learning
  • Increasing engagement in the subject & making links across the Physics A-level
  • Challenging high-attainers
  • Regular and explorative practical work

Here's the key information:

  • The content is non-exam board specific.
  • All sessions take place via Zoom on Thursdays, 17.15 - 18.15.
  • You can attend one, some or all the sessions: whichever interest you.
  • The CPD is free, there is no charge to register or attend.

Please click here to register your interest.

Here's a list of the topics being covered during the Autumn Term:





Session 1



  • Estimation
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Putting the maths back in

Session 2



  • Axioms of circuit theory
  • Practicals
  • Capacitors, AC, Signaling

Session 3



  • Progressive vs standing waves
  • Interference
  • ‘What is’ & ‘what if’ approaches

Session 4



  • Forces, motion and G-fields
  • Space links
  • Mapping with maths

Session 5



  • Temperature
  • Thermodynamics
  • Making the numbers real

Session 6


Simple Harmonic Motion

  • The bike analogy
  • Energy – link across the A-level
  • Exploring damping

Session 7



  • The story of the atom
  • Simulations
  • The energy debate

Session 8


Electromagnetism (EM)

  • The journey of E → B→ EM
  • EM machines in practice
  • Key concepts: flux, back emf

MathemAgora Online Festival

Our mathematical “marketplace” re-opens for 2021-22.

King’s Maths School is delighted to host a series of virtual talks. Each talk will be held via Zoom.

  • 24 November: Dr Chris Pritchard (17:15-18:30)

President of the Mathematical Association. Chris will be talking about The Mathematics of Area & Ideas for Your Classroom. Chris says, “Having completed three books on the elementary mathematics of area, I will review some of the ideas and methods that do not typically appear in textbooks but which would support the learning and teaching of area in the secondary school.”

For Further details, see this flyer.

  • 26 January: Dr Colin Foster: "Teaching problem solving in Mathematics" (17:15-18:30)

A Reader in Mathematics Education in the Mathematics Education Centre at Loughborough University and President Designate of the Mathematical Association. Colin says that “my research interests in mathematics education focus on the learning and teaching of mathematics in ways that support students’ conceptual understanding. I am particularly interested in the design and use of rich tasks in the mathematics classroom, and in finding ways to enable students to develop the necessary fluency in mathematical processes to support them in solving mathematical problems”.

  • 27 April: Richard Perring (17:15-18:30)

More to follow.

  • 22 June: tbc

Teaching a 'top set' in KS4: success now, success later

A series of eleven online sessions taking place during the Autumn Term. The National Curriculum says that students “who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems before any acceleration through new content”: this sounds lovely in theory, but how do we provide this in practice?

Robert Wilne will suggest an answer to this question. In the course you will examine and reflect on questions and tasks that

  • catalyse students’ mathematical reasoning
  • strengthen their problem-solving resilience
  • deepen their conceptual understanding
  • improve their procedural fluency

Here's the key course information:

  • There are eleven hour-long sessions, each one focusing on a particular GCSE topic.
  • All sessions are on Zoom on Wednesdays, 17:15-18:15.
  • You can attend one, some or all the sessions: whichever interest you.
  • The CPD is free, there is no charge to register or attend.

This course is now finished. If you missed out and would like to join us next time; join our mailing list and we will contact you at the start of the programme.

For further details, see the flyer:

Further Maths Professional Development

King's Maths School has been running courses to enhance teachers' understanding of the subject content and associated pedagogy of A Level Further Mathematics. Most recently Robert Wilne, a highly experienced sixth-form teacher and PD leader, led six online 2-hour sessions focusing on the bigger picture and finer detail of the key core pure topics in May and June 2020. For further details, see the dedicated course page.

We hope to repeat this course again in the future.

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