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Meet the head

I have two simple questions for you.

Do you like mathematics?

Are you good at it?

If you answered yes, and yes again, then King’s College London Mathematics School is for you. It is a place where mathematics is brought to life, and a place that will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to make successful applications to the best universities in the country.

Being the Head of this school is a privilege, and is also exciting. I enjoy fiercely the study of mathematics, and know first-hand how stimulating it is to be in an academically challenging environment surrounded by learners with similar interests. Here fellow pupils are friends, but also spur each other on to make rapid developments and achievements.

At this school, you will learn to think like a mathematician. You will meet ideas in both mathematics and physics that will astound you, and that will inspire you to think creatively, independently and rigorously about all of your learning. You will have the unique opportunity to learn not only in the classroom under the guidance of skilled and dedicated teachers, but also with and from the students and staff of King’s College London’s excellent Mathematics Department.

Mathematics is a subject where you learn best by tackling problems. Why not get started immediately, by having a go at this week’s Weekly maths challenge?

Dan Abramson, Head Teacher

Dan has a first class honours degree from Cambridge University as well as a Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics. He came to KCLMS from Highgate School, where he was Head of the Mathematics Department from 2007-2013. He also led the school’s Outreach Programme, bringing him into contact with pupils and staff from a wide range of London schools.

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